Breaking Down The Barriers

There is no need for barriers in the dental world 


When patients are looking to begin the smile transformation process, breaking down the barriers they experience is extremely important. On our most recent broadcast with Dr. Brian Harris, he elaborated on what these barriers are.



Costis the number one barrier that comes into play when working with patients. Cosmetic dentistry is expensive and can be a huge concern when it comes to patients moving forward. Dentists, this is your time to leverage virtual consultations to build the relationship and explain options for them while working within their budget and giving them the smile that they’ve always wanted! 



Patients are people too and have a life that’s outside of check ups and consultations regarding their smile. With people having such a busy schedule, cosmetic dentistry & upgrading their smile can oftentimes get pushed to the backburner. Making the process quick for your patients will benefit the relationship in the long run because you both value each other’s time! 



Being able to submit a virtual consultation from wherever is extremely convenient for your patients. They could be heading home from a weekend of travel, waiting to pick up their little ones or on a break at work and they can submit within minutes. It’s not only convenient for them but also for you as you’re seeing patients every day, back to back. 



Gain their trust before you ever meet them in person. You can get a feel for the patient through their virtual consultation as they share their story of their smile and how they’d like to change it. Get to know them a bit before sending off a personalized video with options, the process and cost. This will leave them feeling more comfortable knowing their smile means something to the dentist. 


Offer the power of virtual consultations to your patients. If you’d like to catch the replay and learn more ways Dr. Brian Harris breaks down barriers to close more of the cases he loves, click here.


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