Impacting Lives Through Virtual Consult

Virtual consultations are incredibly powerful when it comes to connecting with your patients. The minute you receive a video from your existing or future patient, you learn more about them and what they’re looking for. This is important as you now have a way that you can understand their concerns & develop a tailored plan of action on how you will be able to help them reach their goals. This also helps you, as the dentist reduces chair time that is solely based on the initial consultation. How many times has a patient come in, been presented with a plan but never moves forward? This helps lower the time you’re spending at the chair and gives you back time to create these shorter customized videos. Once you send back that personalized video consultation to them, the relationship begins to bloom because you’ve taken time to make the process all about the patient. 





Patients are told that virtual consultations are convenient & fast, which is true! While days & weeks as a dentist can prove to be busy, make a point each day to check in on the virtual consults that are coming in. A patient that took the time to reach out is showing interest in your services so it’s important to respond back. Are you finding it hard to find the time to complete virtual consultations?


Pro tip: Leverage our intro videos! Did you know that once you onboard and implement the virtual consultation process,  a team member can work to send these out. That way, when you block out the time, you can go in and create more personalized videos that your patients are looking for. If you are still looking for more direction on how to leverage intro videos, then check out this post on our Community Forum.  This post uncovers when it’s best to use the intro videos and how to use intro videos to close more cases.


Personalize those videos, docs! A personalized video to patients is the whole reason behind our virtual consultations. It will help you close more cases when you’re taking a few minutes to record that special video for your patient. Not only does it allow them to hear what you have to say and learn the estimated cost, it also gives them the opportunity to show their friends and family the video. This all comes into play when it’s time to make a decision, because the patient may not be the only one involved in the decision making process! 


Lastly, virtual consultations help impact lives because you’re giving patients the ultimate experience versus a long drawn out process of the typical form of dentistry. From the minute they hear from you, they’ll get the feeling that this is more than just going to the dentist, but that it’s about growing their self confidence and that you’re there to help them. 

Docs, join the conversation with us in our Community Forum. You can ask questions or share advice while learning from our like minds in our community! If you’re not a part of Smile Virtual yet, what’s stopping you? Sign up or schedule a demo with us to get started.

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