Online Scheduling: Why Patients Are Demanding It Now

There’s no question technology is changing the dental industry. It’s constantly evolving to help practices provide care, connect with patients, and manage their business. In an age where technology has redefined and simplified countless other industries, people are expecting that same simplicity everywhere they go. 

In a recent patient survey, 77% indicated that they preferred online scheduling to the traditional method of having to call and set an appointment. 70% of patients also indicated they would be more likely to choose a provider that offers them the ability to schedule, change, and cancel their appointments online.

If those stats alone aren’t enough to make you start looking into online scheduling, keep reading to learn why you and your team should consider offering this as a benefit. 


Book appointments in real-time

If you think getting phone calls to book an appointment is real-time, think again. By implementing an online scheduling tool, you’re making life exponentially easier for your patient. They can check their calendar with your openings, all without having to pick up their phone. Not to mention, if they decide on a whim that they’re interested at 9pm on a weeknight, you don’t have to rely on responding to voicemails and instead can show up the next day to see that you’ve successfully booked an appointment. 

People are asking for it

It’s one thing to offer a service you aren’t quite sure people will want. But, there’s enough data at this point to indicate that a large percentage (70% to be exact) of patients will choose a provider that offers online scheduling. 


Be More Efficient 

Did you know that 85% of online appointment requests end up not getting scheduled? This means that if you are relying on phone calls or requests, you could be missing out on 85% of your opportunities. This also means that with that 85% dropoff, your team is now wasting time making repeated followup calls and emails to try to draw them into your office. 

By meeting your patients virtually, and then giving them the immediate opportunity to book with you online, you’ve exponentially increased your opportunity to change someone’s life by improving their smile. 

Smile Virtual now offers online scheduling directly after a virtual consultation, making it easier than ever to do the work you love. To learn more about our newest offering, reach out to [email protected].

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