Webinar Recap: Helping Your Existing Patients Transform their Smiles Using Smile Virtual

This week’s webinar, Helping Your Existing Patients Transform their Smiles Using Smile Virtual, was the final chapter in our four part series on accelerating practice growth with Smile Virtual. Bay Area Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Robert Soto, joined Dr. Brian Harris to discuss ways in which he uses virtual consults to build his patient base and focus on doing the cosmetic dentistry he enjoys. 

How do you build a successful marketing strategy that will help you reach patients and drive them to your Virtual Consult option?

Stop pushing patients to the phone call. Establish a relationship with the patient virtually.  

  1. Make sure that your virtual consult widget is a prominent feature on your website and add your request link to your social media pages. Review sites are another great place to place your link since they play a major role in the buying decisions of the modern consumer. 
  2. Be consistent with your calls to action. Direct your audience to your virtual consult request link in every post. The more your audience sees this call to action, the more likely they will be to request a consult from you.
  3. Use a multi-channel approach. A Social Media presence takes time to build. Share your virtual consult link via a QR code on mailers, ads, and other more traditional marketing materials. 

What are the benefits of using Virtual Consults in your current patient workflow? 

Replacing in-person consults with virtual consults increases the number of qualified patients that are coming through your door. 

  1. You can present the patient with all of their treatment options without interruption which makes for a more educational interaction. 
  2. You don’t have the pressure to be conservative with your recommendations with the hope that it will increase the chances the patient will convert because you aren’t wasting valuable chair time.
  3. Patients appreciate the convenience of the virtual consult and the time and effort you’ve put into it. It provides a great first impression of you and your practice.

What techniques are you using to produce case outcomes that are drawing patients to you instead of their local dentist? 

Listen to your patients and cater to their preferences.  

  1. Ask them to share photos of several cases that appeal to them. This will help you identify the shapes, color, and contouring they like. 
  2. Be conservative when it comes to refinement to allow yourself the opportunity to make adjustments based on the patient’s feedback.

How are you leveraging each case to attract new cases?

Create, don’t wait! Invest in your content.

  1. If you’re lacking content, identify 5 friends, family members or employees who have common smile issues and who fit the typical social media demographic. Offer to discount their treatment so they are only paying lab costs.Thoroughly document their treatment process. This will give you a solid content foundation.
  2. Take high quality photos of every case and invest in a professional camera.
  3. Build a library of diverse cases. Prospects will be drawn to cases that are similar to theirs. 

How are you using Virtual Consults to close more cases with your existing patients?

Build awareness of your cosmetic services with existing patients.

  1. Display before and after photos in the office and invite patients to connect with you on social media. When they express interest, a member of your team can help them submit a consult request. 
  2. Using a virtual consult to introduce treatment to an existing patient saves time and is a valuable resource the patient can share with their spouse, partner or parent.

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