Grow Your Dental Practice by Being Different

“The cost of not doing something is far far greater than the cost of actually doing something.”

– Dr. Brian Harris 

For both doctors & patients, the dental industry can be challenging to navigate. On our most recent live broadcast, Dr. Brian Harris dove into the world of dentistry and how the old way of doing things is affecting your business. By transforming your sales process as a whole, you can help more people get the dentistry they want & deserve. And patients, you deserve it! 

When you begin your life in the dental industry, you’re told there’s a sure way to do things. It’s time to break that cycle. Let’s review the current sales process that can turn your patients away and hurt your business.



Then once they get into your office, you’re now stuck in another cycle of the unknown. 


You can’t deny that looking at this process, that it’s wholly inefficient & truly hurting the way you do business.  Patients are looking for services that you offer; they just don’t know where to go. 


That’s where Smile Virtual comes in! Our platform is designed to help patients find incredible dentists in their area while getting a consultation before even stepping foot into the office. As a dentist, this gives you time to send personalized videos back about each patient’s case while saving chair time & refining your process.


We know change can sound scary, but once you get comfortable with our platform, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join sooner. There is no better time than now to change the way that you run your practice. So let’s connect on a demo to share an inside look into our platform & why it would work well for you.


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