Meet the Patient: Alexa

Patient Stories

At this point, thousands of people’s lives have been touched by a Smile Virtual Dentist, but Alexa will always hold a special place in Smile Virtual’s hearts.   For those of you new to us, Smile Virtual connects patients and dentists empowering confident smiles.   Alexa, like millions of people out there, had a difficult…

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Grow Your Dental Practice by Being Different


“The cost of not doing something is far far greater than the cost of actually doing something.” – Dr. Brian Harris  For both doctors & patients, the dental industry can be challenging to navigate. On our most recent live broadcast, Dr. Brian Harris dove into the world of dentistry and how the old way of…

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Sure, you CAN create your own virtual consult platform, but here’s why you should think twice

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Whether you’re a current Smile Virtual Dentist or just starting to explore the idea of  video consults, one thing is certain — you see the value in this option for your patients and for your overall productivity. You’re also trying to make the best budgeting decisions for your practice. As a savvy business owner, taking…

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