The Challenge Of Oral Hygiene For Orthodontic Patients

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Hello, I’m Dr. Harris of Harris Dental. Today’s post is for orthodontic patients. There is no doubt about it – it is harder to keep your teeth clean if you wear braces. It’s unfortunate (and ironic) when brace wearers develop tooth decay and weaken their teeth while simultaneously trying to improve their smile with braces.…

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Beware Of Hidden Sugar

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We advise our Scottsdale dental patients at Harris Dental to watch their sugar intake to prevent cavities and other health problems. If you are trying to unsweeten your diet, you are probably skipping the usual suspects: candy, soda, and baked treats. But not all sugar is as obvious as the frosting on a piece of…

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Which Tooth Whitener Works Best?

Teeth Whitening
Dazzling White Teeth in Phoenix

What is the best professional tooth whitening system to use in Phoenix? There are two types of dentist-supervised tooth whitening systems available in Phoenix. In order to determine the best choice for your teeth, schedule, and budget; you need to understand the differences in the systems. Both systems use a bleaching agent containing peroxide. Phoenix…

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Hiding Your Smile? Harris Dental Can Help

Cosmetic Dentistry
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Some people don’t feel that their smile is an asset, so they do their best to keep it hidden. Pictures, funny movies, jokes, hilarious internet videos – none of these can coax a smile or laugh. If this person sounds familiar (because it is you!), then maybe you would like some specifics about complete smile…

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Relieving Your Dental Anxiety At Harris Dental

General Dentistry
Relieving Your Dental Anxiety At Harris Dental

Hello Phoenix dental blog visitors, welcome to the Harris Dental blog. I am Dr. Harris of Harris Dental. A close friend of mine recently expressed fears about her upcoming root canal. She was anxious about the pain she might experience and worried about getting work off for the multiple office visits to complete the procedure.…

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