Sure, you CAN create your own virtual consult platform, but here’s why you should think twice

Whether you’re a current Smile Virtual Dentist or just starting to explore the idea of  video consults, one thing is certain — you see the value in this option for your patients and for your overall productivity. You’re also trying to make the best budgeting decisions for your practice. As a savvy business owner, taking a DIY approach to video consults using a free recording platform is attractive, but is it worth it? 

We’ve broken down the top reasons why you should think twice about taking a DIY approach to video consults in this article. 

1. Safety and security

Smile Virtual is a HIPAA compliant video consult platform. Software platforms that are not built with the intention of handling ePHI don’t have the specific protections in place to guard this information and if leaked, there could be serious legal repercussions for you as a provider. 

Now, let’s say you’re not using a software platform to record videos. What if your recording device was lost or stolen and fell into the wrong hands?

Are these likely scenarios? Probably not, but ask yourself, “does it make sense to take the risk when there is a safe solution?” 

2. Community 

Smile Virtual is more than a software platform. One of our initiatives is to build a Community of forward-thinking Dentists who mentor, interact and network with each other. We offer a virtual community forum that is exclusive to Smile Virtual Dentists and their teams, hold annual in-person events, and host monthly interactive workshops. Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough. It doesn’t have to be lonely. 

3. Customer Support that understands you

Our industry is unique and our team is intimately familiar with your workflows and pain points. We can speak your language and we strive to offer support in the most convenient and helpful format for you.

4. Our Dentist Map

Smile Virtual is a place where patients can locate and connect with providers in their area. Patients who arrive at our Dentist Map can search for providers in our network by zip code or city and submit their consultation request directly from the listing. 

5. Resources and Mentoring

We care about your success beyond the platform. This is why we partner with professionals in and out of the dental industry to deliver webinars, podcasts and master classes to help you continue to hone your craft and enhance your business. 

6. No time limits

Some free (need we mention non-HIPAA compliant, again?) video platforms include recording time limits or video expiration dates. The Smile Virtual platform will never cut you off during recording and as long as you maintain your Smile Virtual service, a patient can log in and view their video as often as they would like.

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