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Smile Design Secrets - By Dr. Brian Harris

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Smile Design Secrets

by Dr. Brian Harris

"My Personal Playbook To Attract More Cosmetic Patients, Increase Your Case Acceptance And...


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“It’s priceless. It’s really important to learn all of these nuances (in the book) that are going to step up your game to be world-class…”

Dr. Yahya M.

What is 'Smile Design Secrets'?

It IS NOT just another dental book rehashing the same old tips and techniques you've heard at every CE course you've attended.

It IS NOT a book about how to "close the sale" when presenting treatment, although it will lead to higher treatment conversion than you've ever experienced.

It IS NOT a book about dental marketing, but it will show you how to capture and convert more cosmetic leads.

Smile Design Secrets is a SHORTCUT.

It clearly outlines Dr. Brian Harris's new revolutionary take on how you can attract, convert, and treat more high-dollar cosmetic cases in your practice now.


Dr. Brian Harris and his innovative ideas around cosmetic dentistry and patient communication will transform the way you practice dentistry.

He is recognized in dentistry for helping doctors use virtual consult technology to attract and treat more complex restorative and smile cases in their practice.

He is a 2005 graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and a practicing dentist in Phoenix, Arizona.

He is a recognized key opinion leader having presented to audiences large and small more than 200 times and in 5 different countries.

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Smile Design Secrets

My Personal Playbook To get Predictable Results With Porcelain Veneers That Wow Patients And Peers Every Time.

What Doctors Who've Implemented Dr. Harris's

Smile Design Secrets Are Saying!

“I have confidence in Dr. Brian Harris in being able to drive more cosmetic cases. The smile design process and the smile test drive are how you can help the patient see what’s possible and convert more into treatment.”

- Dr. Ryan M.

The World's Most Successful Cosmetic Dentists Are Doing To
Attract + Serve MORE COSMETIC PATIENTS Every Single Month

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